Tatyana Apraksina

–  When the Wall is Built… (Blues Mondo)29. The Career of Freedom
–  Forecast from the Archive. Something Much More28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  Temptation by Newness28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  On Tendencies and Trends28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  Conflict, a Condition for Choice (Blues Mondo)28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  Introduction to Trans-duction (Blues Mondo)27. The Vector of Translation
–  On the Threshold (Blues Mondo)26. Non-Return
–  This changes everything (Blues Mondo)25. Of all the…
–  Unconsidered Drafts24. Shift of Instinct
–  Reality without a Censor (Blues Mondo)24. Shift of Instinct
–  It’s Mike —The Author of the Theme01. Apraksin Blues
–  We’ll Play! A Few Questions for the Editor-in-Chief01. Apraksin Blues
–  A Blues of the Soul (Blues Mondo)01. Apraksin Blues
–  Always on High: Another Season at the Petersburg Philharmonic01. Apraksin Blues
–  Seasonal Notes02. Trustworthiness of Experience
–  Lessons for Orly, Part One02. Trustworthiness of Experience
–  Christmas Hare03. Fulcrum
–  Nature of the Fugue: Blues Mondo02. Trustworthiness of Experience
–  24 Hours of “Vexations”03. Fulcrum
–  Seasonal Notes03. Fulcrum
–  I Will Live on the Border: Blues Mondo03. Fulcrum
–  Soon Winter Will End (Blues Mondo)04. Movement
–  These Enterprising Young People…05. Stresses, Robert!
–  Sound’s Shadow06. Metaphor
–  Blues Mondo05. Stresses, Robert!
–  Year Two of the Age of Blues: Interview with the Editor-in-Chief06. Metaphor
–  Progression by a Quint: Editor’s Mondo08. Quint-Progression
–  The Turn of the Brush (part one): Oral commentaries to California Psalms10. Inversion
–  Exit Near (Blues Mondo)09. Exit Near
–  Stone in Love With Stone (Russian translations of three poems by Robinson Jeffers, with commentary)10. Inversion
–  Big Sur Triptych featuring Kerouac12. Registers of Risk
–  Different People14. Different Game
–  Blues Mondo13. Refectory
–  West-Eastern Cross14. Different Game
–  Different Game (Blues Mondo)14. Different Game
–  The Turn of the Brush (part 2)16. Family and Slavery
–  Not Far from “The Trinity” (polemics)16. Family and Slavery
–  The Names of Clay (Blues Mondo)15. The Heart of Things
–  Another’s or Your Own? (Blues Mondo)16. Family and Slavery
–  The Paradox of the Octave (Blues Mondo)17. Octave
–  The Anonymity of Craft (Blues Mondo)18. Phases of Craft
–  Twists of Thought (poems)18. Phases of Craft
–  The Magic Quartet Genre (interview)19. The School of Anonymity
–  15 Years of Blues Civilization. Questions and Opinions (Responses from the Editor-in-Chief)19. The School of Anonymity
–  Blues without Variations (Blues Mondo)19. The School of Anonymity
–  Song of the Convergent (Blues Mondo)20. Convergent
–  Studying Time (poems)21. Sniper
–  The Tool of Permanence (Blues Mondo)21. Sniper
–  Blues Mondo22. In the Gates
–  Through Meaning’s Numbers (Blues Mondo)23. Reverse Perspective