Tatyana Apraksina

Tatyana Apraksina is known as an artist and writer informed by the world of music, as well as for producing the cultural magazine Apraksin Blues. For her, traces of music and musical states of being become emblems of the work of spirit. A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, she has focused on the theme of classical music performance, working with soloists and ensembles including the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the Borodin Quartet and the Moscow Virtuosi. She has exhibited at venues for music and art in Europe and North America. In the United States, her work has been shown under the auspices of the Soros Foundation. She has created extensive bodies of art and writing while based in Russia and California. She has served as editor-in-chief of Apraksin Blues since its founding in 1995.

–  Tower (Blues Mondo)33. Transcription of Multiplicity
–  The Place of Measure (Blues Mondo)32. Worldly Aspect
–  Realism (Blues Mondo)31. Nonoctave Scale
–  Within a Way30. On the Way
–  When the Wall is Built… (Blues Mondo)29. The Career of Freedom
–  Forecast from the Archive. Something Much More28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  Temptation by Newness28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  On Tendencies and Trends28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  Conflict, a Condition for Choice (Blues Mondo)28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  Introduction to Trans-duction (Blues Mondo)27. The Vector of Translation
–  On the Threshold (Blues Mondo)26. Non-Return
–  This changes everything (Blues Mondo)25. Of all the…
–  Unconsidered Drafts24. Shift of Instinct
–  Reality without a Censor (Blues Mondo)24. Shift of Instinct
–  We’ll Play! A Few Questions for the Editor-in-Chief01. Apraksin Blues
–  It’s Mike —The Author of the Theme01. Apraksin Blues
–  Always on High: Another Season at the Petersburg Philharmonic01. Apraksin Blues
–  A Blues of the Soul (Blues Mondo)01. Apraksin Blues
–  Seasonal Notes02. Trustworthiness of Experience
–  Lessons for Orly, Part One02. Trustworthiness of Experience
–  Nature of the Fugue: Blues Mondo02. Trustworthiness of Experience
–  Christmas Hare03. Fulcrum
–  Seasonal Notes03. Fulcrum
–  24 Hours of “Vexations”03. Fulcrum
–  I Will Live on the Border: Blues Mondo03. Fulcrum
–  Soon Winter Will End (Blues Mondo)04. Movement
–  These Enterprising Young People…05. Stresses, Robert!
–  Blues Mondo05. Stresses, Robert!
–  Sound’s Shadow06. Metaphor
–  Year Two of the Age of Blues: Interview with the Editor-in-Chief06. Metaphor
–  Progression by a Quint: Editor’s Mondo08. Quint-Progression
–  Exit Near (Blues Mondo)09. Exit Near
–  The Turn of the Brush (part one): Oral commentaries to “California Psalms”10. Inversion
–  Stone in Love With Stone (Russian translations of three poems by Robinson Jeffers, with commentary)10. Inversion
–  Big Sur Triptych featuring Kerouac12. Registers of Risk
–  Blues Mondo13. Refectory
–  Different People14. Different Game
–  West-Eastern Cross14. Different Game
–  Different Game (Blues Mondo)14. Different Game
–  The Names of Clay (Blues Mondo)15. The Heart of Things
–  The Turn of the Brush (part 2). Marking the 10-year anniversary of the appearance of “California Psalms”16. Family and Slavery
–  Not Far from “The Trinity” (polemics)16. Family and Slavery
–  Another’s or Your Own? (Blues Mondo)16. Family and Slavery
–  The Paradox of the Octave (Blues Mondo)17. Octave
–  Twists of Thought (poems)18. Phases of Craft
–  The Anonymity of Craft (Blues Mondo)18. Phases of Craft
–  The Magic Quartet Genre (interview)19. The School of Anonymity
–  15 Years of Blues Civilization. Questions and Opinions (Responses from the Editor-in-Chief)19. The School of Anonymity
–  Blues without Variations (Blues Mondo)19. The School of Anonymity
–  Song of the Convergent (Blues Mondo)20. Convergent
–  Studying Time (poems)21. Sniper
–  The Tool of Permanence (Blues Mondo)21. Sniper
–  Blues Mondo22. In the Gates
–  Through Meaning’s Numbers (Blues Mondo)23. Reverse Perspective