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2018 – 28. The Reefs of Conflict
2018 – 28. The Reefs of Conflict
Quotebook (AB 28)← Here it is
Tatyana Apraksina
Conflict, a Condition for Choice (Blues Mondo)
James Manteith
Boethius Voiced by “Sequentia” (Blues Report + Interview)← Here it is
Tatyana Apraksina
On Tendencies and Trends
Irina Mikhailova
Exoplanets. A Non-Existent Tarkovsky Film’s Soundtrack
Alda Merini
Life in Two Thousand Dreams
Tatyana Apraksina
Temptation by Newness
Valeriy Sterligov
Kandinsky and Music
Olga Zemlyanikina
Landmarks in the Applied: The Secret of Mutually Complementary Colors
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
Forecast from the Archive. Something Much More← Here it is
Elena Fedorovich
The Great Gilels, Not Valued in His Own Land
Emily Carr
Roberta Bruce Tiffany M.
Emily Carr: Passing Ever So Far. “One atom of the great reality”; From the Diaries of Emily Carr
Nikita Yarygin
The Living Organism of Comics
Nikita Yarygin
Literature and Comics — Conflict or Camaraderie?
Vladimir Liubeznov
Between February and October
Patricia Walton
The Good Old Days, the Way We Want Them← Here it is
Patricia Walton
On the Merits of Champagne← Here it is
Polemics Session: The king is naked, and so’s the queen
Mail (AB 28)
2018 – 28. The Reefs of Conflict

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