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2018 – 28. The Reefs of Conflict
2018 – 28. The Reefs of Conflict
Quotebook (AB 28)← Here it is
Tatyana Apraksina
Conflict, a Condition for Choice (Blues Mondo)
James Manteith
Boethius Voiced by “Sequentia” (Blues Report + Interview)← Here it is
Tatyana Apraksina
On Tendencies and Trends
Irina Mikhailova
Exoplanets. A Non-Existent Tarkovsky Film’s Soundtrack
Alda Merini
Life in Two Thousand Dreams
Tatyana Apraksina
Temptation by Newness
Valeriy Sterligov
Kandinsky and Music
Olga Zemlyanikina
Landmarks in the Applied: The Secret of Mutually Complementary Colors
Tatyana Apraksina
Prognosis from the Archive. Something Much More
Elena Fedorovich
The Great Gilels, Not Valued in His Own Land
Emily Carr
Roberta Bruce Tiffany M.
Emily Carr: Passing Ever So Far. “One atom of the great reality”; From the Diaries of Emily Carr
Nikita Yarygin
The Living Organism of Comics
Nikita Yarygin
Literature and Comics — Conflict or Camaraderie?
Vladimir Liubeznov
Between February and October
Patricia Walton
The Good Old Days, the Way We Want Them
Patricia Walton
On the Merits of Champagne
Polemics Session: The king is naked, and so’s the queen
Mail (AB 28)
2018 – 28. The Reefs of Conflict

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