Tatyana Apraksina (trans. James Manteith)

Tower (Blues Mondo)

Published in: 33. Transcription of Multiplicity



They made their goal to build a tower

and thus to grow in unity of force,

not thinking of what’s already long been,

the unity of force in the expanses that exist

and part of different-tongued creation;

not thinking of the things that no eye sees and no ear hears,

things woven from the simplest of meanings,

from monosyllables born of the only syllable,

from objectlessness inaudibility — the sound of la.


How and how much is given to each person?

Infinity within infinity, theater within a theater, novel within a novel, intrigue within an intrigue, chord within a chord, reflection within a reflection, time within time, blues within the blues.

The moon in the sky, the moon in the window, the moon in the water… The moon in a glass on the desk… The moon in a photograph. In a movie. In many paintings.

Always different. Always the one. Like a note stays the same.


A different time. Different instincts. A different intonation.

Oh, how many people there are in a person!

If there’s not one person, there’s nothing. And that’s more than words can say.


— Т. Apraksina

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