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2016 – 27. The Vector of Translation
Apraksin Blues Ab27 1
2016 – 27. The Vector of Translation
Tatyana Apraksina
Introduction to Trans-duction (Blues Mondo)← Here it is
William Shakespeare
Shakespeare’s Sonnets
Alexander Donskich von Romanov
Mike’s Crosswords
Alexander Lvov
Dictum-Factum, or Critical and Practical Vectors of Non-Classical Philosophy
Olga Zemlyanikina
Zaha Hadid
Vladimir Liubeznov
The Abode of Logos – Meaning Existing for Itself
Valeriy Sterligov
“Haydn and Bach,” with Einstein for Company
Tamara Tomikhai
The Poetry of Li Qingzhao and Xin Qiji
David Maria Turoldo
From the Book “Last Songs”
Vagid Ragimov
The Forgotten Tradition of Tibet
Alexander Markovich
Polemics Session: Vectors in the Development of Art and Science
Mail (AB 27)
2016 – 27. The Vector of Translation

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