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2013 – 23. Reverse Perspective
2013 – 23. Reverse Perspective
Tatyana Apraksina
Through Meaning’s Numbers (Blues Mondo)
Eduard von Falz-Fein
Leonid Kozlov
100 Percent 100th Birthday
Alexander Nemirovsky
Openings in a Reed (poetry, continued)
Irina Mikhailova
The Sower and the Seed
Alexander Markovich
The Bottomless Point
Natalia Gladoush
Natalia Kolesova
The Joy of Being
Alexander Tregub
Guide for Engineers at High-Tech Companies
Alexander Tregub
True Stories of Great Physics Discoveries of the Twentieth Century
Gilad Meiri
James Manteith
The Postmodern Trail of Contemporary Poetry. View from Jerusalem (interview)
Irina Rapoport
Touching Spain
Elena Vashkevich
Lawrence of Arabia: A Life Like a Legend
Vladimir Liubeznov
The Beginning of Living Logic (continued)
Piotr Tarasov
Polemics Session
2013 – 23. Reverse Perspective