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2013 – 23. Reverse Perspective
2013 – 23. Reverse Perspective
Tatyana Apraksina
Through Meaning’s Numbers (Blues Mondo)← Here it is
Eduard von Falz-Fein
Leonid Kozlov
100 Percent 100th Birthday
Alexander Nemirovsky
Openings in a Reed (poetry, continued)
Irina Mikhailova
The Sower and the Seed
Alexander Markovich
The Bottomless Point
Natalia Gladoush
Natalia Kolesova
The Joy of Being
Alexander Tregub
Guide for Engineers at High-Tech Companies
Alexander Tregub
True Stories of Great Physics Discoveries of the Twentieth Century
Gilad Meiri
James Manteith
The Postmodern Trail of Contemporary Poetry. View from Jerusalem (interview)← Here it is
Irina Rapoport
Touching Spain
Elena Vashkevich
Lawrence of Arabia: A Life Like a Legend
Vladimir Liubeznov
The Beginning of Living Logic (continued)
Piotr Tarasov
Polemics Session
2013 – 23. Reverse Perspective