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2019 – 29. The Career of Freedom
Apraksin Blues Ab29 Page 01
2019 – 29. The Career of Freedom
Tatyana Apraksina
When the Wall is Built… (Blues Mondo)← Here it is
James Manteith
“China’s a Great Big Country!”
Olga Shilova
The Career of Freedom. The “Cold Lightning” of the Decembrists, Mikhail Lunin
Andrea Zanzotto
But May shall rise again
Vagid Ragimov
From “A Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa”← Here it is
Nikita Yarygin
My Pal Val Catullus
Nikita Yarygin
Truth as the Source of Poetry
My Bridge (modern Laos poetry in translation)
Vladimir Liubeznov
Prolegomena to Living Logic
Greg Darms
Certain Uncertainties: Speculative Readings of Emily Dickinson’s “This World is not conclusion”← Here it is
Vladimir Verov
Sorcery Required: On Translating Emily Dickinson
Vladimir Verov
A and B
Alexander Lvov
A History of the Concept of Worldview
2019 – 29. The Career of Freedom