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1996 – 04. Movement
1996 – 04. Movement
Anatoly Kurshin
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
Soon Winter Will End (Blues Mondo)← Here it is
Li Tzhunmin
The Birth of the New Year’s Moon (trans. from Chinese to Russian)
Nikolai Serov
The Colors of Socrates
Alan Tavitkian
Rioting Paris
Marcel Auclair
The Book of Happiness, 4-8 (trans. from French to Russian)
Irina Yelcheva
(trans. James Manteith)
Stay a Little With Us, Guest: Thoughts of a Composer Who Gathers Folk Songs
Marina Sukhorukova
On Scientific History: The Middle Ages
Vladimir Podolsky
Sufferings of the Messiah
David Goloshchokin
Marina Begletsova
It’s the Highest Degree of Freedom
Vladimir Shulyakovsky
The Nature of Angelic Singing
Midori from Hanakoganei
And In Japan…The Main Thing for Us is Modesty
Vlad Rakitsky
Mysterious Rules of the Game: Where “Stairway to Heaven” Leads
Gabriella Komleva
(trans. James Manteith)
A Ballerina’s Walk Around the City: The Traditional and the New
Ilya Utekhin
In the Corner
Elena Yakusheva
Bag of Recipes