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2012 – 22. In the Gates
2012 – 22. In the Gates
Tatyana Apraksina
Blues Mondo
Richard MacDonald
Defining Art (interview)
Alla Hodos
Stay a While, Wait… (poetry)
James Manteith
Silent Napoleon (Blues report)
Valery Generozov
The Artistic Image and the Phenomenon of Creativity
Piotr Tarasov
In Defense of Russian Spelling
Alexander Nemirovsky
Openings in a Reed (poetry)
Leonid Kozlov
Mikhail Turovsky
My Misha. A Conversation with the artist Mikhail Turovsky
Oleg Nazarkin
Belief in New Movement: The OPEN LOOK dance festival in St. Petersburg
Tamara Tomikhai
Grammatical Characteristics of Japanese and Evenki
Tamara Tomikhai
The Great in the Small: The Haiku of Matsuo Basho
Alla Krichevskaya
Bach’s Partita in D minor for Solo Violin
Anatoly Zavernyaev
Polemics Session
2012 – 22. In the Gates