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1998 – 08. Quint-Progression
1998 – 08. Quint-Progression
Blues Themes: Expanse of the Impossible. Multiplicity of Worlds.
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
Progression by a Quint: Editor’s Mondo← Here it is
Valery Svobodov
Zithers, Harps and Organs Are Our Passion
Eduard Steib
May the State’s Eye Never Blink!!!
Vyacheslav Siutkin
The Soul of Old Iron
Andrei Rumyantsev
The Incomprehensible Philistine: F. Nietzsche
Robert Buckeye
The Expanse of the Impossible in the Films of Sokurov
Marcel Auclair
The Book of Happiness, 25-29
Iosif Raiskin
George Gershwin: Return to Petersburg
Andrei Frolov
Reverbations of a Symphony: Tischenko’s Seventh
Mikhail Mischenko
The 20th Century: The Phenomenon of Richter
Anna Petrova
Puppet Passion, Don-Juan Style, or Don Juan as a Phenomenon of Prague Mass Culture
Nathalie Sarraute
Here (trans. from French to Russian)
Dina Basinova
The Soul Beneath the Blow
Marina Sukhorukova
Multiplicity of Worlds: A Modern Tractate on Space
Alexei Krasnogorodtsev
Mikhail Platonov
Two Aces of Hearts
The Melancholic: Who He Is
Boris Smirnov
The Illustrious Wan
Bogdan Fokin
Pushkin, K*****, Goethe, and the Dress is Ready
A.I. Makukha
Symbolism in the Art of Nikolai Roerich
James Manteith
On the “White Snake”‘s Track
Andrei Baranovsky
Lost Apartments of the Winter Palace
1998 – 08. Quint-Progression