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Apraksin Blues Ab33 Front Cover

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Apraksina's Studio

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Translations Department


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Russian-language print versions of Apraksin Blues are available upon request.
Price per issue $15 (check or cash; price includes domestic or international postage).
Apraksin Blues considers manuscripts in any format — preferably literate — proposals and wishes in any form. We request that submissions be limited to previously unpublished texts.
Apraksin Blues accepts inquiries regarding custom literary translation and editing of Russian and English literary texts.
Apraksin Blues welcomes volunteers. For information on getting involved, contact any of our editorial addresses.

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AB №33 – Transcription of Multiplicity



AB №33 – Transcription of Multiplicity

* Tower (Blues Mondo). Tatyana Apraksina
“from the objectlessness of the inaudible”
* “Because They’re People.” Ella Molochkovetskaya, Olga Romanova
“Since it’s theater within theater, everyone is everyone there”
* Transcribers Anonymous. Tom Cobbe
“suites, sonatas and sets of variations. Oh dear. There go the holidays.”
* You Know Where They Are. John P. Rogers
“time will stop at nothing”
“something like a clock embryo in a shot glass”
* Chromatoplastics. On Color, Form and the Fundamentals of Fine Art. Olga Zemlyanikina
“A spot of color as a tool for conveying the type, character and direction of movement”
* Heeding the Calling. At the Black & Brown Comics Festival (Blues Report). James Manteith
“artists display comics with a blend of mysticism, prophecy and science fiction dubbed ‘Afrofuturism’“
* Eight Cemeteries. Sempa Dordzhe
“His head was in the southwest and his feet were in the northeast, and from them, eight great cemeteries arose in all the worlds”
* Wallace Stevens’ Thirteen Blackbirds. Vladimir Verov
“True poetry is not subject to decay”
* Spanish Rock. The Beginning. Olga Romanova
“too rocker for punks and too punk for rockers”
* The Art of Whispering. A New Poetry Collection by Gjekë Marinaj.
“the poet lives in both hemispheres, constantly cultivating literary relationships”
* The Mind Finds Russia…. Translated into Japanese, Persian, Rebrew, Arabic, French, Romanian and Turkish by Anton Kiselyov
* An Old Novel’s Insights and Predictions. Ekaterina Ovcharova “the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries in Germany was marked by the appearance of two fundamentally different concepts of the eternal image — Goethe, who crowned the tradition with his two-part play, and Bonaventure, who opened the way to its deconstruction.”
“The hero has no soul to sell, and there’s no one to sell it to.”
* Car Stories. Bill Yake
“then I could see dancing shadows on the asphalt beneath the engine”
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The Age of Blues

Apraksin Blues Ab33 Front Cover

AB issue 33 - Transcription of Multiplicity - see it here 

* Tower (Blues Mondo). Tatyana Apraksina
“from the objectlessness of ...

Worldly Aspect

AB issue 32 - see it here

* The Place of Measure (Blues Mondo). T. Apraksina
* Great and Mighty. What ...

Nonoctave attunement

AB 31, our first issue since 1998 to be produced and published entirely in St. Petersburg, is imbued with the ...

Apraksin Blues Ab30 Back Wpcf 414x540

The Apraksin Blues editorial board is pleased to announce the long-awaited publication of AB №30, "On the Way." Authors and ...

At the presentation of Apraksin Blues №29
November 9-11, 2019, St. Petersburg, Russia. Editor in chief Tatyana Apraksina and AB supporters in the Apraksin Lane editorial office ...
AB Invites!


Authors, readers, admirers, past and future! And just good smart people!

To everyone who knows us, who know each other, ...

P 20170418 191536
On April 18, 2017, on Mike Naumenko's birthday, a conference on him was held in the historic editorial offices of ...
Gregory Korchmar And Tatyana Apraksina SPb 2010
Composer Gregory Korchmar wrote his cantata If I were known as a violin bow in St. Petersburg, Russia, starting the ...
Tibetan lessons
The historic Apraksin Blues magazine editorial offices in St. Petersburg are hosting regular Tibetan language classes. (Photos by Elena  Starovoitova.)



After many years in a private collection in Germany, eighteen historic paintings and drawings by Tatyana ...




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Translations Department


  • Highlights of 2023 in the AB Translation Department January 7, 2024

    The past year has given me many reasons for gratitude and hope in various areas of my life in literature and literary translation. Other events I’m pleased to share word of include: – Taking part in publishing issue 33 of Apraksin Blues, including both…

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  • The Encyclopedia of “Sweet N” December 19, 2021

    The Encyclopedia of “Sweet N”: James Manteith’s presentation from the 50th International Scholarly Conference of the V.I. Startsev International Association of Historical Psychology — Historical and Psychological Aspects of the Fall of the Soviet Union…

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  • In Support of Evolution: Boogie-Woogie Thinking November 24, 2021

    Back in St. Petersburg by the beginning of November 2021, AB’s editors immediately found many opportunities to assess current attitudes toward culture. At the 5th Cultural Congress, in which we took part, we encountered the opinion that the era of the…

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  • Summer Report: Love and Attentiveness June 22, 2021

    Summer has arrived. According to Far Eastern traditions, it’s now a horse month, during which the sages advise to take special care to curb all manifestations of power now faced by and available to many.   Our authors continue to work or rest as b…

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  • Robert Monteith: A Knight for Peace May 27, 2021

    (English translation of a May 17 lecture for the International Association of Historical Psychology conference “Societal Atmosphere on the Eve of the Wars of the 19th and 20th Centuries: Historical and Psychological Aspects”)   — James Manteith (A…

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  • Long Echoes of Contrarian Crusades May 27, 2021

    Presenting on Peacemaker Robert Monteith in St. Petersburg via California   — James Manteith (Apraksin Blues, Mundus Artium Press)   In the wee hours of one morning in May 2021, it was my privilege to have a chance to give a remote Russian-la…

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  • How AB met the New Year in St. Petersburg for the first time in 22 years January 19, 2021

    There’s no tree to be found, only fake ones or bunched branches. But just before New Year’s, a man appears on Garden Street with beautiful real trees brought from the Volosov region. The Haymarket tree fair at is closed due to the pandemic.   AB c…

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  • Voices in the Petersburg Desert December 18, 2020

    For obvious reasons, many have voiced surprise that we, AB editors, decided to make an attempt to come to St. Petersburg in 2020. We were also surprised, and even more surprised it’s happened. We already had enough challenges in 2020: in addition to ou…

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  • Arrival! November 23, 2020

    AB’s editor-in-chief and translation editor will be in St. Petersburg through early 2021. The phone number of the St. Petersburg editorial office is as before: +7 (812) 310-96-40. The Editors

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  • Distance Learning July 4, 2020

    Now, with the release of Apraksin Blues №30, “On the Way,” another crucial phase begins — the stage of readers’ time with the issue, authors’ mindfulness toward each other, and discussion of what it’s all about. For the AB Translations Department, ther…

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  • A beautiful chord: AB in St. Petersburg plays on December 14, 2019 Consonance

    What might be said about the time spent by AB’s editors in St. Petersburg after the presentation of issue 29? Perhaps that it was a time of deepening relationships, joint initiatives and expectations. Let’s review some aspects of this deepening. First,…

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  • Rapid development for AB’s physical existence in St. Petersburg November 13, 2019 T. Apraksina. In Memoriam - Gutnikov. 1986

    Events of recent days hint at a new cycle of development. AB has again made the crossing from California to St. Petersburg. Less than a day after arrival, Tatyana Apraksina managed to reopen a space and sit down to work at her desk in the magazine’s hi…

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  • “Freedom” declared in Petersburg November 2, 2019 Img 5dbe248817f32

    by contributing translation editor James Manteith Photo: Irina Serpuchyonok Just a few days remain until the planned presentation, in St. Petersburg, of the latest issue of Apraksin Blues, №29, “The Career of Freedom.” As in 2015, for the presentation…

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  • Preparing for St. Petersburg October 31, 2019

    What needs translation, in this case and maybe always, is reality.

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