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Tatyana Apraksina. California Psalms. Front Cover.

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Apraksina's Studio

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Russian-language print versions of Apraksin Blues are available upon request.
Price per issue $15 (check or cash; price includes domestic or international postage).
Apraksin Blues considers manuscripts in any format — preferably literate — proposals and wishes in any form. We request that submissions be limited to previously unpublished texts.
Apraksin Blues accepts inquiries regarding custom literary translation and editing of Russian and English literary texts.
Apraksin Blues welcomes volunteers. For information on getting involved, contact any of our editorial addresses.

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AB №29 – The Career of Freedom



AB №29 – The Career of Freedom

* When the wall is built … (Blues Mondo). T. Apraksina
* “China’s a great big country!” J. Manteith. “A good non-Chinese song about China is even rarer than a good non-Chinese study about China”
* The Career of Freedom. The “Cold Lightning” of the Decembrists, Mikhail Lunin. O. Shilova. “The sense of danger was a pleasure for him”
* But May shall rise again. A. Zanzotto (trans. Yu. Sventsitskaya) “By age seven, Andrea felt a poetry that “grows like a body””
* From “A Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa” (trans. V. Ragimov) “The adornment on my crown / Is the truth of the great doctrine”
* My Pal Val Catullus. N. Yarygin “At one time, this guy was one of those who today bears the shameful stigma of “big shot” on his forehead.”
* Truth as the Source of Poetry. N. Yarygin “A narcissistic variety of extreme self-exactingness”
* My Bridge. Thidachan (modern Laos poetry in translation) “If I had liberty’s strong wings for flying”
* Prolegomena to Living Logic. V. Liubeznov “… the essence of the difference between Hegel’s Logic and living Logic lies in accepting Abraham’s principle of God’s being’s incomprehensibility, which is the basis of comprehending Him as living, not diminished in any way!” “The Deity, receiving a response, is instantly filled with Love and begins to luminesce.”
* Certain Uncertainties: Speculative Readings of Emily Dickinson’s “This World is not conclusion”. G. Darms. “The word offers many possible readings, and this is consistent with Dickinson’s dealing with doubt and paradox.”
* Sorcery Required: On Translating Emily Dickinson. V. Verov “In this approach, the act of translation becomes an alchemical transformation.”
* A and B. V. Verov “The people live horizontally, / But give them a vertical.”
* A History of the Concept of Worldview. A. Lvov “Man becomes the semantic axis of the world, losing the status of a subject in an objective Universe”


The Age of Blues

At the presentation of Apraksin Blues №29
November 9-11, 2019, St. Petersburg, Russia. Editor in chief Tatyana Apraksina and AB supporters in the Apraksin Lane editorial office ...
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Authors, readers, admirers, past and future! And just good smart people!

To everyone who knows us, who know each other, ...

P 20170418 191536
On April 18, 2017, on Mike Naumenko's birthday, a conference on him was held in the historic editorial offices of ...
Gregory Korchmar And Tatyana Apraksina SPb 2010
Composer Gregory Korchmar wrote his cantata If I were known as a violin bow in St. Petersburg, Russia, starting the ...
Tibetan lessons
The historic Apraksin Blues magazine editorial offices in St. Petersburg are hosting regular Tibetan language classes. (Photos by Elena  Starovoitova.)



After many years in a private collection in Germany, eighteen historic paintings and drawings by Tatyana ...

Congratulations on turning twenty

Congratulations on your anniversary! You've managed to create a readable, respected, totally unique magazine with an audience of devoted readers ...

A vertical slice of Blues infinity
Its history's third decade unsealed, Blues begins to understand that the childhood of becoming belongs irrevocably to the past. The ...
What Can the Future Be? (Two Shores of a Survey)
The Editors are inviting authors who contribute to AB as specialists in various disciplines to answer a series of questions about the future ...
In New York, Work on a Film on Composers
We thank the pianist Elena Kuschnerova for her support of this project. New York (Photo: J. Manteith)

James Manteith, ...




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