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2010 – 18. Phases of Craft
2010 – 18. Phases of Craft
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
The Anonymity of Craft (Blues Mondo)
Michael Urban
Why Does Russia Need the Blues? (interview)
Irina Yelcheva
The Sounds of the Blockade
The Natives’ Forecast (interview)
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
Twists of Thought (poems)
Leonid Kozlov
Boris Pokrovsky, a Crafter of Operas
Alex Wegmann
Setting a Course for the Islands (interview)
James Manteith
The Dynamo of Experience and Revelation
James Manteith
Blues Report: Leonid Kozlov’s Art of Perpetual Motion
Anna Zabelskaya
But the Dappled-Grey Still Isn’t Sold
Bert Glick
Ziggy and Willy: The Shakespeare Ward
Andrei Riskin
The Venice Carnival (photo essay)
On the Stage of Life (poetry)
Vilen Fishzon
The Economics of K. Marx
Beginning the Age of Monks: Contemplation in Stone
Alisa Tavitkian
The Walls of Paris (Rue de la Reunion)
Alexander Lvov
(trans. James Manteith)
Polemics Session: The Symbolon of Soren Kierkegaard
Vladimir Liubeznov
Polemics Session: In Defense of Dialectics
2010 – 18. Phases of Craft