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2010 – 18. Phases of Craft
2010 – 18. Phases of Craft
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
The Anonymity of Craft (Blues Mondo)
Michael Urban
Why Does Russia Need the Blues? (interview)← Here it is
Irina Yelcheva
The Sounds of the Blockade
The Natives’ Forecast (interview)
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
Twists of Thought (poems)
Leonid Kozlov
Boris Pokrovsky, a Crafter of Operas
Alex Wegmann
Setting a Course for the Islands (interview)
James Manteith
The Dynamo of Experience and Revelation
James Manteith
Blues Report: Leonid Kozlov’s Art of Perpetual Motion
Anna Zabelskaya
But the Dappled-Grey Still Isn’t Sold
Bert Glick
Ziggy and Willy: The Shakespeare Ward
Andrei Riskin
The Venice Carnival (photo essay)
On the Stage of Life (poetry)
Vilen Fishzon
The Economics of K. Marx
Beginning the Age of Monks: Contemplation in Stone
Alisa Tavitkian
The Walls of Paris (Rue de la Reunion)
Alexander Lvov
(trans. James Manteith)
Polemics Session: The Symbolon of Soren Kierkegaard
Vladimir Liubeznov
Polemics Session: In Defense of Dialectics
2010 – 18. Phases of Craft