California Psalms

Published in July 2013 by Radiolarian Press.Татьяна Апраксина
A year before the turn of the millennium, circumstances brought Tatyana Apraksina, a Petersburg artist and writer focused on music and philosophy, to the far reaches of the American West. On the Pacific’s edge, in the natural isolation of the legendary Big Sur coast, Tatyana Apraksina’s cultural perspective required new forms. She replied with psalms. The resulting cycle combines richly imagistic language with contemplative and emotional depth. The internal events of a personal shift connect, in “California Psalms,” with the scale of the expansive universe and humanity within it. This fully bilingual edition includes illustrations by the author, as well as the translator’s introduction and commentary. The Psalms’ English translation conveys both the meaning and strikingly volatile sound of the Russian original.

“This is a powerful, extraordinary poet, with a unique style and theme and a distinctive creative method.” — Sergei Glovyuk, “Literary Gazette”

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Radiolarian Press
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ISBN 978–1–887853–37–8

From reviews:

“The author is not only a truly gifted philosopher but also a powerfully imaginative poet, a sharp-eyed artist and a deft sculptor”
“Like all nine Beethoven symphonies at once”
“A flood of creative inspiration like volcanic lava”
“Evidence that the poet transcendentally penetrates the heart of things”
Five stars, Goodreads —”Tatyana Apraksina is Mandelstam coming to live on the West Coast and doing metaphysical battle with the landscape. The renderings by Manteith into English find the poems in English exhibiting the density of a Shostakovich symphony.”

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