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2004 – 12. Registers of Risk
2004 – 12. Registers of Risk
Alexei Kurbanovsky
On the Symbolic in Postmodern Art
John Fletcher
Outlaw Booking← Here it is
Alexander Markovich
Knowledge and Love: Ascending Jacob’s Ladder
John Dotson
Burnt Offerings
Gennady Gorelik
On the Sense of the Beautiful and the Sense of Creation
Marina Unksova
Nonconformism in Russian Art: Existential Aspects and Main Currents of Nonconformism
Thomas Pirkle
The Notebooks of Malka Segurez
Bill Yake
The Mind of Taxidermy
James Manteith
Alvarado← Here it is
Michael Bogan
Stages of Impermanence (photo essay)← Here it is
Tatyana Apraksina
Big Sur Triptych featuring Kerouac
2004 – 12. Registers of Risk