Tatyana Apraksina

Introduction to Trans-duction (Blues Mondo)

Published in: 27. The Vector of Translation
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We translate, all of us.

We translate everything and everyone.

We translate time, translate transferred funds — words and stones, emotions and day/nights, our selves and associates… Which go to what? Into what?.. What for?..

Where to? Mind’s and reason’s translatability often gets spent — like a year on a day — on a shadow…

Translating trains of meanings and the track switches of time — in time, out of time — into a riverbed never running dry… — this gives translation to a line of that ALWAYS where an instant never bows to the minutes of taste (or lack of it).

And even before the letter A appears, and before the note A first floats below the vault, we manage to touch the steering wheel so translation strikes a spark of thought.

— T. Apraksina

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