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2011 – 20. Convergent
2011 – 20. Convergent
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
Song of the Convergent (Blues Mondo)
James Manteith
On Dylan’s Roads
Piotr Tarasov
On Many Festivals and One Victory
Alexander Moskovsky
Aspects of the Craft of Economics
Tina Tiffany
America is Where Jazz Is
Leonid Kozlov
In Bronze and Stone. Sculptor V. Surovtsev at work and in conversation
Andrei Riskin
Beyond the Snows… (photo cycle)
Anatoly Zavernyaev
Theological Notes on Social Themes
Beginning the Age of Monks (continued) – Abbey Readings: Giving Tithes
Bogdan Fokin
Soul Healing (Jazz Notes)
Alexander Lvov
Time-Language-World: The Dialectics of Knowledge
Valery Sirovsky
Diary of a Voodoo Voyage
Tina Tiffany
From the Third Position
Alexander Moskovsky
Polemics Session
Alexander Markovich
Polemics Session: How to Belong?
Gary Gumov
Polemics Session: Chaadaev Shouldn’t Be the Only Lucky One
Vilen Fishzon
Polemics Session: A Conversation with Mark Langshtein
Lois Robin
From the cycle “Indian Ghosts at California Missions.”
2011 – 20. Convergent