Prose works by Tatyana Apraksina in English translation.

  • “Forecast from the Archive. Something Much More.” (HERE.) Manuscript, 1991. Apraksin Blues, 2018.
  • “A Face That Held No Riddles.” works & conversations, Berkeley, Calif., 2016. (HERE.) Translation by James Manteith. Original Russian-language publication in About the Composer Aleksandr Lokshin, Moscow State University Press, 1998.
  • Theses: Time as a Perceptual Category (Toward a Special Theory of Three-Dimensional Time).” (HERE.) Translation by James Manteith. From “Between Science’s Time and Art’s Eternity.” Lecture delivered at the 3rd Russian Congress for Cultural Research, St. Petersburg, 2010. Original Russian-language essay publication in Image and Concept in Cultural Research and Scholarly Ontology: collective monograph. St. Petersburg: Eidos Publishing, 2011. P. 8-23.
  • “The Turn of the Brush (part 1): Oral commentaries to “California Psalms”” (HERE.)
  • “The Turn of the Brush (part 2). Marking the 10-year anniversary of the appearance of “California Psalms.”” (HERE.)