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2009 – 16. Family and Slavery
2009 – 16. Family and Slavery
Tatyana Apraksina
Another’s or Your Own? (Blues Mondo)
Brenda Hillman
Like Dust… (interview)← Here it is
Brenda Hillman
Library Poems (Russian translation)← Here it is
Elena Cho
Vladimir Horowitz, Youngest in the Family
Andrei Riskin
Duet (photo-essay)
James Manteith
Deserts and Fields of Timeliness (Blues report)← Here it is
Natalia Gladoush
Modest Mementos of the Silver Age
Natalia Gladoush
Two New Books: A Woman’s Daily Life in Ancient Rome; Mothers of Genius in Human History
Irina Kerner
An Artist’s Celebrations: Benjamin Kletzel’s Exhibit in Jerusalem← Here it is
Alexander Levintov
Vysotsky and Brodsky
Tina Tiffany
Off-Subject: Money
Nikolai Serov
Psycho-physical Aspects of Color
Brotherhood of Fire (editorial chronicles)
Elena Starovoitova
Doll Clothes as an Element of Initiation to the Culture of Appearance
Alexander Markovich
Tatyana Apraksina
The Turn of the Brush (part 2). Marking the 10-year anniversary of the appearance of “California Psalms”← Here it is
Tatyana Apraksina
Vilen Fishzon
Not Far from “The Trinity” (polemics)
2009 – 16. Family and Slavery