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1999 – 09. Exit Near
1999 – 09. Exit Near
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
Exit Near (Blues Mondo)
Natalia Gladoush
March Solo with an Academic Face
Elena Starovoitova
Dietary Wardrobe: Create Your Dream
K. Leontiev: The Scout’s Feat
C.P.E. Bach
Vladimir Shulyakovsky
The True Manner of Keyboard Performance (trans. from German to Russian)
Nikolai Bekh
Kaleidoscope of Wonders (fragments)
Marcel Auclair
The Book of Happiness, 30-32 (trans. from French to Russian)
Marina Sukhorukova
Composition #9
Gennady Grigoriev
The Native Tongue of the Paleolithic
Kari Unksova
Evgeny Torchinov
Tsu Wei: A Novella of the Tan Age (trans. from Chinese to Russian; introduction by E. Torchinov)
Georgy Golik
Vanishing Melody
Marina Unksova
Non-Conformism in Russian Art
Andrei Baranovsky
Portrait in a Jacket (Valentin Serov and Nikolai Romanov)
James Manteith
The Obedient Guard of Club Delights
Vera Shurgaya-Vereiskaya
A Russian Miracle
Ksenia Moore
Really, the Most Interesting Thing at the Zoo are the People
Liubov Kotlik
Liudmila Baturina
Music as a Healing Art
Geraldine Berard
Virginie Arno
A Frenchman’s Dream About Bliny
Evgeny Protasov
Menu for Bacteria
Melanie Rian-Kanza
The Palaces of St. Petersburg
Andrei Fomintsev
How to Seek Truth in Voyages
Pearl Buck
The Empress (trans. from English to Russian)
Anna Zabelskaya
My Discovery is a Museum
1999 – 09. Exit Near