Tatyana Apraksina (trans. James Manteith)

The Place of Measure (Blues Mondo)

Published in: 32. Worldly Aspect

Everything is material for human studies.

And we are all busy with that one thing.


Human history is an endless war of realities. Interpenetrating, mutually nourishing, mutually denying and destroying, fused like Siamese twins.

But this is not about equality. Although realities have similarities, and realities can be difficult to distinguish.

There is only one original. For everyone and everything. Multiplicity is the domain of interpretation: which is multipliable, transmutable, substitutable.

There is only one original. It doesn’t decompose and doesn’t multiply.

It is the one.

The symphony of life contains all its readings, all versions of understanding and performance.

But all the versions taken together are not capable of becoming the original.

Life is theater, but theater isn’t life, and is no substute for life.



Interpretation (the sum of interpretations) is doomed to be only a part, and as a part it can’t become a whole. Can’t overcome the limits of its dimension. It can only always remain a shining shell, manifest and many-headed, of the infinite-dimensional core that it masks. A partial and transient shell, dependent on all influences, according to the curvature of choice.

Interpretation — imitation or caricature — is right and honest when it knows its definition, place and measure. And prepares itself for this measure’s change. If only not toward the reduction — the seizure — of root causes and first principles.

They do not change their measure, since all measures are contained in them — there, deep, underneath all shells of interpretations — where quantity, mass, speed mean nothing, where the axis of Changes is unchanged — as its own measure and the measure of everything — it is Man, the true and eternal, the Alpha and Omega of indelible life-creation, its genetic code.


Whatever we talk about, whatever we care about, it’s all that one thing.

Everything is material for human studies.

All forms and all contents.


Everything is material for human knowledge —

but not everything leads to knowledge of man.

— T. Apraksina

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