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2009 – 17. Octave
2009 – 17. Octave
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
The Paradox of the Octave (Blues Mondo)
James Manteith
A Single Tongue, the Chord (Blues report)← Here it is
Bruce Ricker
The Mirage of the West
Alexander Markovich
The Vector of Freedom
Richard Cameron-Wolfe
A Compendium of Alternative American Music of the 20th Century
Irina Rapoport
Six Images of the Virgin from the Legacy of Alek Rapoport
Alexander Lvov
Logical Paradoxes and the Power of Technology
Leonid Kozlov
The Word of Anastasia Tsvetayeva
Felix Osterling
Kierkegaard and the Absolute Paradox
Andrei Riskin
In Moscow (photo-gallery).
Vladimir Liubeznov
On the Trinity, or, A Breakthrough Unperceived by Humanity
Igor Petrovsky
Vilen Fishzon
A Fresh Take on the Mystery of Dead Souls. V. Rybakov
Greg Darms
Katagami: Web of Butterflies and Flowers← Here it is
Elena Starovoitova
Spin, My Spinstress…
Ludmila Vodopianova
Through Paris (photo etude)
2009 – 17. Octave