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2011 – 21. Sniper
2011 – 21. Sniper
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
The Tool of Permanence (Blues Mondo)
Gjekë Marinaj
Seeking the Objective. On Gregory Crewdson’s Photography (bilingual introduction; article in Russian translation)
Galina Andreeva
Through Winter (poems)
James Manteith
Language Junction at the Great Plains’ Edge: Blues Report from the American Literary Translators Association conference
James Manteith
Between the Worlds: Seen & heard at the “Figuration” exhibit
James Manteith
Saigon in Twilight: Reflections on a talk by scholar Yulia Valieva← Here it is
Anna Zabelskaya
Being Jane: Reflections on Jane Austin
Evgeny Gabrilovich
Leonid Kozlov
Remembering classic Soviet screenwriter Yevgeny Gabrilovich
Lois Robin
Mamita and Her House: Investigating a true tale of Steinbeck’s Tortilla Flat
Irina Serpuchyonok
The Stones of Brittany (photo essay).
Beginning the Age of Monks (continued, part 4): Reports from Clear Creek Abbey, with excerpts from St. Benedict’s Rule
Irina Mikhailova
Two Concerts by Ryuichi Sakamoto with Interludes
Vilen Fishzon
The 1848 Manifesto and Modernity
Natalia Gladoush
From Ring to Ring: On poet Roald Mandelshtam & the NewMuseum’s Arefiev Circle exhibit
Vladimir Liubeznov
The Beginning of Living Logic: On the Trinity
Josie Gray
Tess Gallagher
A fiddle in the boat: Two stories from the West of Ireland (bilingual introduction, Russian translation)← Here it is
Tatyana Apraksina
(trans. James Manteith)
Studying Time (poems)
Ally Markovich
Window to India
Gary Gumov
Polemics Session: On Anatoly Zavernyaev’s “Theological Notes on Social Themes”
Boris Rushanik
Polemics Session: M.S. Langshtein and the Modern “Capital.”
Galina Gubernaya
Polemics Session: On Memory in Science: Mark Solomonovich Langshtein
2011 – 21. Sniper