James Manteith

Translator James Manteith’s work has earned the esteem of the many Russian authors whose writing he has rendered in English. His multi-faceted background in Russian language and literature began with studies at Middlebury College and St. Petersburg State University. His range of publications includes translations of memoirs on Soviet life and the history of quantum physics.

–  Because They’re People33. Transcription of Multiplicity
–  Tower (Blues Mondo)33. Transcription of Multiplicity
–  Stages of Formation in the Verbist Order (interview)32. Worldly Aspect
–  The Place of Measure (Blues Mondo)32. Worldly Aspect
–  The Emperor Suite. “Weatherburg”30. On the Way
–  Within a Way30. On the Way
–  Quotebook30. On the Way
–  Remembering a Master07. Between Heavenly and Earthly
–  My Pal Val Catullus29. The Career of Freedom
–  From “A Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa”29. The Career of Freedom
–  Forecast from the Archive. Something Much More28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  Exoplanets. A Nonexistent Tarkovsky Film’s Soundtrack28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  Lengthy Creation (poetry)26. Non-Return
–  On the Threshold (Blues Mondo)26. Non-Return
–  Vista Point (poetry)26. Non-Return
–  Voices in Collision: The Oberiuts, “Saigon” and the Diaspora (interview)26. Non-Return
–  What Can the Future Be? (Two Shores of a Survey)25. Of all the…
–  The Fragility of Civilization24. Shift of Instinct
–  Reality without a Censor (Blues Mondo)24. Shift of Instinct
–  We’ll Play! A Few Questions for the Editor-in-Chief01. Apraksin Blues
–  It’s Mike —The Author of the Theme01. Apraksin Blues
–  Master Liu’s Judgment: This Grandfather’s Beard01. Apraksin Blues
–  And in Japan.. Newspapers are Like This01. Apraksin Blues
–  Publisher’s Preamble: A Love of Strange Presents01. Apraksin Blues
–  A Blues of the Soul (Blues Mondo)01. Apraksin Blues
–  Always on High: Another Season at the Petersburg Philharmonic01. Apraksin Blues
–  Lessons for Orly, Part One02. Trustworthiness of Experience
–  On Scientific History: Thoughts About Time—Antiquity . Wellsprings of European Culture02. Trustworthiness of Experience
–  Nature of the Fugue: Blues Mondo02. Trustworthiness of Experience
–  Christmas Hare03. Fulcrum
–  24 Hours of “Vexations”03. Fulcrum
–  To See Paris and..03. Fulcrum
–  A Ballerina’s Walk Around the City: The Traditional and the New04. Movement
–  I Will Live on the Border: Blues Mondo03. Fulcrum
–  Stay a Little With Us, Guest: Thoughts of a Composer Who Gathers Folk Songs04. Movement
–  Soon Winter Will End (Blues Mondo)04. Movement
–  These Enterprising Young People…05. Stresses, Robert!
–  Brave Contemporary Literature05. Stresses, Robert!
–  Blues Mondo05. Stresses, Robert!
–  Poetry06. Metaphor
–  Sound’s Shadow06. Metaphor
–  Year Two of the Age of Blues: Interview with the Editor-in-Chief06. Metaphor
–  Freedom—from the Beginning of Days07. Between Heavenly and Earthly
–  Progression by a Quint: Editor’s Mondo08. Quint-Progression
–  Exit Near (Blues Mondo)09. Exit Near
–  The Turn of the Brush (part one): Oral commentaries to “California Psalms”10. Inversion
–  Stone in Love With Stone (Russian translations of three poems by Robinson Jeffers, with commentary)10. Inversion
–  Between Mannerism and the Avant-Garde: Art’s Project in the Twenty-First Century10. Inversion
–  Outsider, In Memory of Alek Rapoport: Angel and Prophet from the Streets of San Francisco11. Without and Within
–  Outsider, In Memory of Alek Rapoport: In Memory of One Who Carried Light11. Without and Within
–  Outsider, In Memory of Alek Rapoport: The Outsider (interview)11. Without and Within
–  Blues Mondo13. Refectory
–  West-Eastern Cross14. Different Game
–  Different Game (Blues Mondo)14. Different Game
–  On Ruskin’s “Stones of Venice” in Translation15. The Heart of Things
–  The Names of Clay (Blues Mondo)15. The Heart of Things
–  The Turn of the Brush (part 2). Marking the 10-year anniversary of the appearance of “California Psalms”16. Family and Slavery
–  The Beautiful Malady of Collecting: Interview with Ruvim Braude15. The Heart of Things
–  “My Heart” and Other Treasures15. The Heart of Things
–  The Paradox of the Octave (Blues Mondo)17. Octave
–  Polemics Session: The Symbolon of Soren Kierkegaard18. Phases of Craft
–  Twists of Thought (poems)18. Phases of Craft
–  The Anonymity of Craft (Blues Mondo)18. Phases of Craft
–  15 Years of Blues Civilization. Questions and Opinions (Responses from the Editor-in-Chief)19. The School of Anonymity
–  Song of the Convergent (Blues Mondo)20. Convergent
–  Studying Time (poems)21. Sniper
–  The Tool of Permanence (Blues Mondo)21. Sniper