(trans. James Manteith)


Published in: 30. On the Way

Within a Way. T. Apraksina

“A blossoming within a way”

— p. 4 [page numbers from Russian-language edition]


To See from the Intelligence of the Heart. R. Whittaker

“People need recognition, they strive for that, and they may be tempted to turn themselves into pretzels in order to get recognized”

— p. 6


Caprices of the Evolution of the Louvre. P. Walton

“The English were a constant threat at that time”

— p. 14


Just an Alley. Kooseul Kim (contemporary Korean poetry)

“The history of alleys says The narrower they are The more inevitable the fate they carry”

— p. 18


Listening to Walls (Blues Report). J. Manteith

“How do ‘Saigon’ and a wall connect with songs by Mike and Aquarium?”

— p. 20


On the lips, an incandescent word. A. Alekseeva (1899-1945)

“You will never say ‘No,’ And won’t betray, until death”

— p. 25


The Emperor Suite: Weatherburg. A. Zhilyakov

“A provocative phrase could fit well here: ‘In the beginning was the blues, and everything was blues”

— p. 30


Remembering Armenia. I. Tregub

“Flagstones scuffed by time”


— p. 36


A Time of Sacrifice. Sergei Muravyov-Apostol. O. Shilova

“Saying goodbye for the last time, they all shook hands.”

— p. 37


Mario Luzi: Voyaging in Heaven and on Earth. Y. Sventsitskaya

“The dominant associations here are so individual, the words lose their generally accepted meanings”

— p. 44


Federico Tiezzi on Mario Luzi (interview). Y. Sventsitskaya

“His idea of purgatory as a beehive, which makes spiritual honey, was a guiding thread for the dramaturgy”

— p. 45


Saving Russia from Russia. T. Partanenko

“This is not about a scholarly discussion, but about a conflict between two cosmoses”

— p. 47


Gina in Scenes and Behind Them. M. Rasina, Y. Sventsitskaya

“Gina Lollobrigida is not only a great actress but a great personality”

— p. 58


From “The Essence of the Ocean of True Meaning” (translation by V. Ragimov)

“Can one really, having become human, live a human life fruitlessly?”

— p. 64


Irina Mashinski’s Cardinal Points and Craft (interview)

“A real poet is always an eccentric”

— p. 68


Polemics Session: Rosemary’s Retort (V. Verov)

“The chemistry of poetry translation remains unchanged”

— p. 75

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