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1997 – 07. Between Heavenly and Earthly
1997 – 07. Between Heavenly and Earthly
Blues at the Gong: First Place at the Golden Gong Media Awards
Elena Petrushanskaya
Brodsky and Shostakovich
Eduard Steib
The Godfather of the “Baltic Fleet.”
Anatoly Roschin
On Eternity’s Threshold: Remarks on the Sculpture of P. Shuriga
Slava Preo
Wines and Colors
Marcel Auclair
The Book of Happiness, 21-24 (trans. from French to Russian)
Gennady Grigoriev
(trans. James Manteith)
Freedom—from the Beginning of Days
Marina Sukhorukova
The 20th Century and Classical Natural Philosophy
Gabriella Komleva
The “Leningrad Symphony.”
Mikhail Platonov
Gogol on Economics
My Pop-Great
Elena Starovoitova
Should Odes Be Sung to “Beautiful” Childhood?
Nikolai Serov
Man and Woman: Conscious Leadership
The Gallows Block (trans. from Spanish to Russian)
Yuri Semenov
(trans. James Manteith)
Remembering a Master← Here it is
1997 – 07. Between Heavenly and Earthly