James Manteith

James Manteith is a translator, writer and musician based on the American West Coast. He began Russian studies through Middlebury College and St. Petersburg State University, with time in Petersburg leading to ongoing interaction with Russian intellectual life. He is a contributing translation editor for Apraksin Blues, also regularly reporting on culture for the magazine. His renderings of California Psalms and other works by Tatyana Apraksina stem from collaborations with the author and artist starting in St. Petersburg in the 1990s. In addition to the full California Psalms sequence — including his bilingual introduction and commentary for the 2013 Radiolarian Press edition — his book credits as a translator include Physics in a Mad World (World Scientific, 2015), Under the Spell of Landau: When Theoretical Physics was Shaping Destinies (World Scientific, 2013) and Valery Sirovksy’s Thank You, Comrade Stalin, for Our Happy Childhood (Barbaris). He has published poetry, translations and essays in American and Russian journals including International Poetry Review, St. Petersburg Review, Clade Song, caesura, Reality and Subject and convolvulus, as well as in several Russian scholarly anthologies. His poetry has received awards from the Washington State Poets Association, from Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival, and Tidepools magazine. He has composed and performed bilingual song cycles based on Apraksina’s poetry.

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