Quotebook (AB 28)

Published in: 28. The Reefs of Conflict

Conflict, a Condition for Choice (Blues Mondo). Tatyana Apraksina —

“You can’t go in two doors at once”

Boethius Voiced by “Sequentia” (Blues Report + Interview). James Manteith. Sequentia’s Benjamin Bagby —

“Humans don’t seem to have evolved much since the early 6th century”

On Tendencies and Trends. Tatyana Apraksina —

“Blues itself is a tendency”

Exoplanets. A Non-Existent Tarkovsky Film’s Soundtrack. Irina Mikhailova —

“Attentiveness to the present moment can stretch awareness to the depth of space and breadth of time”

Temptation by Newness. Tatyana Apraksina —

“The illusion of newness is akin to the illusion of knowability”

Kandinsky and Music. Valeriy Sterligov —

“Intellectually I understand this sensation stems from a complex, masterfully constructed polyphony, but a strong emotional reaction paralyzes whatever tendencies to analyze it”

Landmarks in the Applied: The Secret of Mutually Complementary Colors. Olga Zemlyanikina —

“Ugly ducklings turn into beautiful birds”

Forecast from the Archive. Something Much More. Tatyana Apraksina —

“An artist is namely an artist in that he always speaks of himself and of eternity”

The Great Gilels, Not Valued in His Own Land. Elena Fedorovich —

“His modesty created ideal conditions for enviers and slanderers”

Emily Carr: Passing Ever So Far. —

“…a picture equals a movement in space”

Emily Carr: Passing Ever So Far. —

“…to be always on the fence between yourself and yourself”

The Living Organism of Comics. Nikita Yarygin —

“The plasticity of time — that is comics’ fundamental means of impact”

Literature and Comics — Conflict or Camaraderie? Nikita Yarygin —

“Visual images shock more than verbal ones”

Between February and October. Vladimir Liubeznov —

“Gone was the time to reconcile two irreconcilable arrays”

The Good Old Days, the Way We Want Them. Patricia Walton —

“We feel that we have lost some things, and we want them back”

On the Merits of Champagne. Patricia Walton —

“I created so many ‘me’s”

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