Irina Mikhailova

Irina Mikhailova, St. Petersburg

— “once graduated with a technical degree in Leningrad…
once worked as an engineer…
A musician who sometimes even writes letters on paper.
A vocal pedagogue.
Understands harmonics (remember the technical school?).
Does overtone singing with Tibetan singing bowls.

Would like to knock on the heavens’ door.
Would like to dive to the deepest place inside herself.
And find that these seemingly opposite vectors point in the same direction.

To share the sweetness
that flows from there.”

–  Exoplanets. A Nonexistent Tarkovsky Film’s Soundtrack28. The Reefs of Conflict
–  Two Concerts by Ryuichi Sakamoto with Interludes21. Sniper
–  The Sower and the Seed23. Reverse Perspective