Alexander Markovich

Alexander Markovich, 1930-2016

Alexander Yakovlevich Markovich considers himself a citizen of the world. He has traveled widely; however, his life has been closely tied with just four countries: Russia, where he was born (Novosibirsk, 1930) and received his primary education (Samara region, 1941-1948); Kazakhstan, where he worked after graduating from institute (Karaganda, 1953-1956); Ukraine, where he spent the greater part of his life (in Odessa); and finally, in the United States (Cleveland, Ohio, since 1997). A telecommunications engineer by profession and a candidate of technical science, he worked at the Ukraine State Telecommunications Academy, serving as a lecturer, and has authored several textbooks. At present, his interests include philosophy, history and ethics, themes on which he has published a series of articles in Russian-language newspapers and magazines in the United States, as well as at several Internet-based philosophy sites.

–  Polemics Session: Vectors in the Development of Art and Science27. The Vector of Translation
–  Polemics Session: A Little About Poetry in Terms of Political Economy25. Of all the…
–  The Riddle of Beauty25. Of all the…
–  Knowledge and Love: Ascending Jacob’s Ladder12. Registers of Risk
–  Third Force (notes on the philosophy of art—from letters to Tatyana Apraksina)13. Refectory
–  The Trinity’s Evolution in Three Artistic Revelations14. Different Game
–  The Turn of the Brush (part 2). Marking the 10-year anniversary of the appearance of “California Psalms”16. Family and Slavery
–  The Vector of Freedom17. Octave
–  The Experiment of Isaac Asimov19. The School of Anonymity
–  Polemics Session: How to Belong?20. Convergent
–  The Bottomless Point23. Reverse Perspective