Leonid Kozlov

–  The “Moscow Foreigner” and the Russian Swedes26. Non-Return
–  Polemics Session: Letter to the Editor26. Non-Return
–  Pas de Deux with Changing Faces25. Of all the…
–  Mayakovsky’s Daughter25. Of all the…
–  Vocation – Love of Art (interview with Alexander Yaschuk)24. Shift of Instinct
–  The Word of Anastasia Tsvetayeva17. Octave
–  Boris Pokrovsky, a Crafter of Operas18. Phases of Craft
–  Shostakovich: Face to Face with a Genius19. The School of Anonymity
–  In Bronze and Stone. Sculptor V. Surovtsev at work and in conversation20. Convergent
–  Remembering classic Soviet screenwriter Yevgeny Gabrilovich21. Sniper
–  My Misha. A Conversation with the artist Mikhail Turovsky22. In the Gates
–  100 Percent 100th Birthday23. Reverse Perspective