AB 31, our first issue since 1998 to be produced and published entirely in St. Petersburg, is imbued with the spirit of reconnecting with one’s beloved milieu.


The issue nonoctavely combines:


* the philosophy of pantheism in art (Sofia Saryan on her renowned grandfather’s worldview), of Tibetan monasticism (a new entry from Vagid Ragimov’s translation of “The Essence of the Ocean of True Meaning”) and of the human being as a project (highlights from the January 2021 seminar held by A. Lvov in our editorial office)


* the surprising songs of Vsevelod Gakkel and his disciple BG — through the eyes and ears of their admirers James Manteith and Andrei Advaitov


* the Decembrists at war, in a panoramic study by Olga Shilova


* inspired ways of measuring time, by Anna Kogan


* an apt, timeless critique of a failed musical, according to Alexander Donskich von Romanov


* the domestic wisdom of Tina Tiffany


* the poetry of Romania (translations by Anton Kiselev, in his first appearance here), Italy (Yulia Sventsitskaya, long known to our readers) and St. Petersburg (a wonderful cycle by Olga Alekseeva, who tragically passed away at the end of last year)


* the non-similarity of realities (according to the editor-in-chief).


All of this is now available in our Russian-language issue! Some can be available in English! If you know Russian, please feel free to help with translations. If you don’t know Russian, you can still help prepare translations — just get in touch to learn more. Meanwhile, please consider learning Russian — the language opens new worlds.

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