Translations Department

Translations Department

Apraksin Blues accepts inquiries regarding custom literary translation and editing of Russian and English literary texts.
Please submit proposals to

Contributing Translations Editor James Manteith


“You were absolutely instrumental to this translation project.”
“I am very grateful to you for the excellent quality of your translation.”
“Thanks again for your enormous effort and brilliant translation.”
“Thank you very much for your precious translation and editing efforts.”
“Your translation is great, as usual.”
“I found your translation absolutely fantastic. In a sense, it is even better than the Russian original. You did a remarkable job.”
“I am very grateful…especially, to James Manteith, who carried the main burden of translation from Russian.”
“The difficult translation was done at a level demanding high qualifications.”
“I was amazed at how you were able to render the lyrics of Russian songs into such fluid and natural English (molodets!).”
“It’s wonderful that James Manteith has agreed to do the translation. He’s a very talented person.“
“Thanks again for the translation. You are a true master!! !!”
“The translation by James Manteith…is finely wrought in its depth of involvement in both the Russian and English languages, as well as in the semantic and musial energies of the original poems.”
“I must thank [Tatiana Apraksina] … for her meticulously rendered translation, remarkable in its bold fidelity to the English original and, of course, its…artistry. I understand that this is the result of much complex work. “
“A big thank you to James Manteith for the beautiful translation, so poetic. The lyrical world it evokes… comes almost frighteningly close to my own perceptions. I even think James said what I wanted to hide…”
“I’ve just received the translation; thank you so much! Everything is rendered precisely and, most importantly, with excellent English. Please convey my gratitude to Mr. Manteith for doing this large-scale and…difficult job so conscientiously.“
“Thanks for the translation, and a special thank you for its quality and timeliness. I send James Manteith my deep gratitude.”
“Thank you for such a perfect translation.”
“Huge thanks for the excellent translation work.”

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