Authors, readers, admirers, past and future! And just good smart people!

To everyone who knows us, who know each other, whom we know, whom we can get to know!

Epochs are replaced by epochs, the end of the era of separation becomes the beginning of the era of union.

It’s time to connect on a new floor, in a new meaning.

Apraksin Blues is looking forward to meeting you!

The doors of the editorial office will be open to all inclined to attend our general meeting

and the St. Petersburg presentation of the new issue, “The Career of Freedom.”

The event will take place three consecutive evenings:  9  (Saturday),  10  (Sunday),  11  (Monday) November starting at 6 pm. .

Editorial address :

St. Petersburg, Apraksin Lane, 3, apt. 3

phone: 310-9640

I will also be happy to meet separately with everyone who so desires, in the second half of any day of the whole next week.

Tatyana Apraksina

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