AB issue 32 – see it here

* The Place of Measure (Blues Mondo). T. Apraksina
* Great and Mighty. What the Old Seer Prophesied. N. Yarygin
* The Artist and the Rich Man (translated by A. Kiselyov)
* Osip Mandelstam and Martiros Saryan. Some Parallels of Artistic Thought. S. Saryan
* Would You Like to Meet Me? G. Caproni (translated by Y. Sventsitskaya)
* And I Sing of Love for You. S. Quasimodo (translated by Y. Sventsitskaya)
* The Musical Experience of the Listener. E. Cho
* The “Vijuaru Kei” of Japanese Rock. E. Molochkovetskaya
* For Soviet Rock. S. Vasiliev
* Step by Step Through the Season with “Blues” (Blues Reports): Keepers of the Postal Fleece. Meetings with Fast-Witted Fan. Punk Defense, Punk Ballet. Boogie-Woogie Biosphere and Ethnogenesis: Lev Gumilyov. Finding a Face Before Sound. J. Manteith
* The Idea of a University. J.H. Newman (excerpts in translation)
* The Essence of the Mind. Lama Gendun Rinpoche (translated by V. Ragimov)
* Stages of Formation in the Verbist Order (interview)
* The Positive Tensor of Curvature. V. Lyubeznov
* Ibn Ezra and His Chess Poem (translated by A. Kiselyov)
* Defending Dostoevsky. N. Orlova

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