Bill Yake

Bill Yake (1947-2022) – American poet and environmentalist, author of three poetry collections: This Old Riddle: Cormorants and Rain (2004), Unfurl, Kite, and Veer (2010) and Waymaking by Moonlight (2020). He received awards for his poetry. He also published books based on his impressions of traveling in Mongolia and among the islands of western Canada (Haida Gwaii),

Bill Yake’s work has been featured in many American literary and environmental journals. “Apraksin Blues” readers have encountered his poetry in Russian in AB No. 11 “Without and Within,” which includes a translation of his “The Mind of Taxidermy.”

Distinguished by scientific and cultural accuracy, Yake’s poetry focuses on topics related to nature, humanity’s relationship to it, and critique of friction between civilization and the natural world.

–  Car Stories33. Transcription of Multiplicity
–  The Mind of Taxidermy12. Registers of Risk