Quotebook – AB32

Published in: 32. Worldly Aspect

The Place of Measure (Blues Mondo). T. Apraksina

“It’s not about equality”

— page 4


Great and Mighty. What the Old Seer Prophesied. N. Yarygin

“The Russian language itself is a religion”

— page 6


The Artist and the Rich Man (translated by A. Kiselyov)

“… and the sea became visible … and Pharaoh, and all his army .., and Moses, and the Israelites, walking through the sea as if across dry land”

— page 8


Osip Mandelstam and Martiros Saryan. S. Saryan

“Mandelstam and Saryan formed a unified artistic environment”

— page 9


Would You Like to Meet Me? G. Caproni (translated by Y. Sventsitskaya)

“If you’d like to meet me, / look where I don’t exist”

— page 16


And I Sing of Loving You. S. Quasimodo (translated by Y. Sventsitskaya)

“Translations of the poetry of ancient Greece are part of the master’s work”

— page 19


The Musical Experience of a Listener. E. Cho

“This concerns the deepest level of the life of music”

“The movement of a melody is akin to human life”

— page 22


The “Vijuaru Kei” of Japanese Rock. E. Molochkovetskaya

“the fruit of a mixture of ancient Japanese culture, imitation of Western groups and the latest developments in fashion design”

— page 25


For Soviet Rock. S. Vasiliev

“I’m not a cretin, just a music fan”

— page 29


Blues Report. J. Manteith

“Punks are just good people”

“We’ve simultaneously arrived at Western and Eastern music from the side of shared rebirth”

— page 30


The Idea of the University. J.H. Newman (excerpts in translation)

“that alone is liberal knowledge, which stands on its own pretensions”

— page 43


The Essence of the Mind. Lama Gendun Rinpoche (translated by V. Ragimov)

“Comprehension of the essence of the mind occurs beyond the reach of the intellect”

— page 48


Stages of Formation in the Verbist Order (interview)

“Among the Verbists there’s a special charisma of joy”

“Lord, can I think less and do more? — and if I run too fast, you just grab me by the collar”

— page 54


The Positive Tensor of Curvature. V. Lyubeznov

“I dare to suppose He found Himself in infinite space”

“the choice we make… as soon as we hit the ‘singular implosion'”

— page 61


Ibn Ezra and His Chess Poem (translated by A. Kiselyov)

“They compete with the power of minds”

— page 73


POLEMICS SESSION: Defending Dostoevsky. N. Orlova

“There are no earthly routes of spiritual development that don’t apply to him”

“the free choice of the first postmodernists, Eve and Adam”

— page 75

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