Feb. 14, 5 pm. Roerich Family Museum-Institute, St. Petersburg

Vasilevsky Island, 18th line, d. 1

Great Hall (Hall №201)

Cost 70 rubles – ticket to the museum

Telephone: 327-35-06


Concert: “Light of the Morning Star”


A unique recital, dedicated by its participants to the birthday of Helena Roerich and the 25th anniversary of the founding of CESAME – the Center for Soviet-American Musical Exchange.

The program features works by American composer and pianist Richard Cameron-Wolfe and Petersburg composer Gregory Korchmar.


Cameron-Wolfe’s work as a pianist reflects his strong interest in “missing links” — early twentieth century composers who represent the transition from late Romanticism to “sound art,” and whose music is rarely performed today. The life and legacy of the great Russian artist and humanist Nicholas Roerich and humanist inspired Cameron-Wolfe to compose “Roerich Rhapsody,” scored for piano and cello.


Gregory Korchmar is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, the artistic director of the International Festival “Petersburg Musical Spring,” and the chairman of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers. His creative activity has consistently combined composition and performance (currently as a pianist and harpsichordist in the chamber ensemble “Soloists of St. Petersburg”). He is the author of more than 150 works in various musical genres.


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