Ekaterina Ovcharova

Born in 1960. Graduated from secondary school No. 95 in Leningrad (1977), then from the Faculty of Physics and Mechanics of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (1983), as well as the French College at St. Petersburg University (specialization: literature, history, 1996). From 2003 to 2008 I was a candidate at the Department of History of Foreign Literatures at St. Petersburg State University.
I taught economics, mathematics, finance, as well as industrial economics and general economic issues at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University from 1990 to 2017. In 2003 I defended my PhD thesis on industrial economics. I have more than fifty publications on associated topics, including as the compiler and scientific editor of five collections of a conference on energy economics that I organized and conducted in 2010-2014.
In 1995, the Borey publishing house published a small anthology of my early work, a book of poems and essays, “The Shape of Desires.” The publication is illustrated by an early graphic cycle by the St. Petersburg and Danish artist Dolgor Sanzhmyatav, with an afterword written by Natalya Romanova.
Since 1999, I have published more than two hundred articles on literary criticism, history and related issues. Until 2006, I published under my original surname Kosmatova.
I’ve co-authored two monographs on comparative studies:
— with the writer, candidate of philological sciences V.S. Trofimova, “The problem of the author in art: past and present” (2012);
— with Doctor of Philology E.N. Chernozemova – “Fiction and philosophy as special forms of knowledge” (2017).
Under the guidance of Doctor of Philological Sciences T.V. Sokolova I took part in the publication of a volume of works by the “fierce romantic” Petrus Borel at the Ladomir publishing house, where two of my translations were published: an article by Jules Janin and an essay by Charles Baudelaire.
Since 2014, I’ve been conducting literary and historical seminars: comparative (“Modeling of Historical Processes”) and educational (“Readers’ Club”).*
I’m involved in literary translation, as well as book publishing.

–  An Old Novel’s Insights and Predictions33. Transcription of Multiplicity