Quotebook – AB 31

Published in: 31. Nonoctave Scale

Realism (Blues Mondo). Tatyana Apraksina
“And is a common reality even possible?”


Petersburg, the Fourth Rome. Oksana Alekseeva
“How good, creating, being fate’s creation.”


The Art and Ethics of Martiros Saryan: A Pantheistic Cosmology. Sofia Saryan
“I lived thoughts of the cosmos.”


A House Concert in Isolation (Questions for BG). Andrei Advaitov
“It doesn’t occur to them that I might have a different system of values, different pleasures, and that whatever they attribute to this made-up BG, it just doesn’t interest me.”


Any Idea is Ephemeral. Mihai Eminescu
“And I called in dreams to you: / O peerless Kamadeva!”


Does the Posthumanist Era End the Odyssey of Spirit? Alexander Lvov
“The world is explicatio homini, an explication of man, since outside of him the world abides only in possibility.”


How We Pass Time. Anna Kogan
“People are becoming more and more inventive in their struggle with time.”


Antibody Rock (Blues Report). James Manteith
“Seva’s good cheer and irritation combine in a terrorist act of love. “


Decembrists in the Napoleonic Wars. Olga Shilova
“The Great Patriotic War was one of the starting points for the Decembrist movement.”

Live Simply! Tina Tiffany
“What we can’t do ourselves is often unnecessary and frivolous anyway.”


The Birth of Impassioned Dawns. Sandro Penna
“Now I’m not alone.”


Arisen from Hell. Alexander Donskiсh von Romanov
“On the restless path of creativity, ‘Prophet’ is only a forerunner of a true Prophet.”


From “The Essence of the Ocean of True Meaning” (continued). Translated by Vagid Ragimov
“One must behold it with an elephant’s eye and, as if amazed, plunge into that state.”



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