Kooseul Kim

Just an Alley

Published in: 30. On the Way

Кусул КимKOOSEUL KIM lives in Seoul, South Korea. An acclaimed poet and a Professor Emeritus of English literature, she has received major literary prizes for her work, including for the collection Lost Alleys. In 2020, Mundus Artium Press published the poet’s own English-language rendering of Lost Alleys: Selected Poems.

The poetry of T.S. Eliot represents a special area of Kooseul Kim’s scholarly interests. She is an Advisor for the T.S. Eliot Society of Korea, for which she has also served as President. She is also an Advisor and Vice President for the Society for East-West Comparative Literature. She has produced many books and articles on both English-language and Korean literature, ranging from the classical period to modernity. She has been a Visiting Scholar at UCLA. Kooseul Kim’s poetry has been translated into several Asian and European languages.

Apraksin Blues №30 features Russian translations of four poems from Kooseul Kim’s Lost Alleys — “Lost Alleys,” “A Woman of Chagall,” “From Laforgue” and “In a Labyrinth.”

Additional English translations of the poet’s work are available here from the “Pjetër Bogdani” International Writers Association.

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